International Space station

On 23rd April 4 pupils from JKS and I went to Wellesley House school to take part in activities related to space, culminating in a live radio link up with Tim Peake aboard the International Space station. below are the unabridged reports that the children wrote after the event.

3....2....1....blast off.

3 2 1 blast off…..what a fantastic day at Wellesley House. The day began with us looking at a space suit. I tried on a sweaty space glove which was enormous but cosy inside. We then looked at how fun science can be.

Walkie Talkies were great fun as we were able to speak through them to one another asking questions. This helped us to understand how radio signals worked.

We were then able to look at interesting things through a microscope like moths, blood and a bone. They look really different close up, the moth had so much hair.

Jerry Stone (from Space Flight UK) and Mr Taylor helped us to build a model of the International Space Station, each group built a different part of the station.

As the morning went on, the excitement grew as we knew it was soon going to be time to connect with Tim Peake.

We made our way to the Sports Hall and listened to some interesting talks about space and how difficult it is to connect to a spaceship. Finally, the time came and we saw Tim Peake on the big screen. I felt so excited to see him. Some children were able to ask their questions to Tim but we only managed six minutes connection but those few minutes were awesome. Finally, we managed to have some lunch.      

In the afternoon we made our way to a huge inflatable which we sat in. We were able to study the planets in the sky. I learn’t that Jupiter is the giant of the Solar System, with a mass more than 300 times the mass of the Earth and lots of other interesting things too.

It was finally time to make our way back to Junior Kings. The day was totally amazing and something I will always remember.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Golf Bravo 1 Whiskey Hotel Sierra calling Golf Bravo 1 Sierra Sierra!


Whiskey Hotel Sierra (Wellesley House School in Broadstairs) invited thirty schools to join them in speaking to British Astronaut Tim Peake live on the International Space Station, on Saturday 23rd April 2016.

I was feeling excited as the time of 13.10 got nearer, when we would make contact as the ISS would be overhead England. It was amazing to see a picture of him live on the screen and we could hear him and speak to him after a few problems and having to use the back-up radio channel. There was a lot of static but it is incredible to think he is 250 miles above the Earth, travelling at 17 150 miles an hour!

My second favourite part of the day was when we were building a model Space Station out of recycled materials. We tried to make it true to the real Space Station and there were twenty-seven pages of instructions!

The thermal imaging activity was really fun. We could see how our body heat was different in different parts of our body. Our necks were the hottest.

Thank you to Mr Taylor for taking us and to Wellesley House for hosting such a wonderful day!



It is not often when asked ,   that we can truly say that our schooling is out of this world but on Saturday it really was.  Mr Taylor took the four of us down to Wellesley House School in Broadstairs to take part in an out- of- this- world experience .

We were one of 23 schools that attended a space day that was organised by the UK Space Agency , the European Space Agency , Amateur Radio on the ISS ( ARISS) and the Radio Society of Great Britain. We were going to make contact with Major Tim Peake on the International Space Station at approx 1:10pm as he passed over Northern Europe.

Tim Peake was launched into space  last year with the Principa Mission and is spending six months working and living with an international crew  on the International Space Station ISS. He is the first British ESA astronaut to visit the space station.

The space station is a microgravity laboratory in which an international crew of six people live and work conducting research  while travelling at a speed of five miles per second, orbiting Earth every 90 minutes .Amazing!

First we had much to learn . We took  part in the various workshops and practical activities that were available. We were shown a real spacesuit , helped make a model of the spacecraft ,visited a planetarium  , learned  about astronomy and whisked through space with the help of The Royal Observatory.

Lunchtime was spent  in the hall where a big screen had been erected  on the stage. The head of ARISS taught us about radio waves and explained how we would be making contact with The International Space Station in the small ten minute window of time that we would have to get a signal.

At 1:05pm  a boy from Wellesley House began to make contact. The excitement and anticipation was intense.

“ GB1 SS this is GB1 WHS listening and standing by for a scheduled contact with the International Space Station “

Nothing... a crackling sound.... you could hear a pin drop.

He tried again an after the third attempt there he was !

Major Tim Peake !

Tim Peake was in front of us on the large screen adjusting his radio so that we could hear him !

It was inspirational and slightly unreal. Many people commented that it felt as if we were in a space movie.

He greeted us all at Wellesley House and a quick succession of questions were asked  before we lost contact again. Among the questions asked was  , how evident from your view from the ISS ,  is the damage being done to Earth to which Tim said the Amazon was most noticeable.

In spite of all the exciting activities that we took part in ,the short link –up was by far the highlight of our fabulous day and we would all like to thank Mr Taylor for giving us the opportunity to take part in such an amazing experience .

Which leads me to my next question ...... I wonder where he is taking us next week ?